• Size: 2.5M

    Updated: 2015-06-04

    Version: 1.0.004

    OS: 4.0

  • Free Office Lady (paper dolls) Dress up Styling App for kids.
    you can select dress, accessory
    and you can dress up the lady for kid play & education.

    Try to Dress up Office Lady (paper dolls) with your kids.

    - redo / undo
    - lady choice
    - dress choice
    - accessory choice
    - drawing
    - color selecting
    - pen sizing
    - erasing
    - sharing
    - save

  • Size: 2.6M

    Updated: 2015-04-24

    Version: 1.0

    OS: 2.3

  • Once wear this dress, automatically you will get more confidence and more power. This job is a more responsible job in the society. You have powerful rights to attack on criminals or thieves. You have to control law and ordor. You have to motivate other..

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